Preventing Loneliness and Isolation

We tackle loneliness among disabled people Here’s why… Disabled people are four times as likely to experience chronic loneliness than non-disabled people. Sport England found that increases in loneliness since COVID-19 have been higher in disabled people than the non-disabled population. How are we making a difference? Our Community Clubs bring disabled people together each […]

Elaine’s & Hashum’s Story

Elaine’s & Hashum’s Story30th November 2019 “Elaine helps me a lot and I would be sad if she ever went away.”“I would be stressed if Hashum wasn’t here because I care so much about him.” A tightknit team with a trusted network. Elaine and Hashum explain how Club Kensington & Chelsea has given them a safe environment […]

Andre’s Story

Andre’s Story18th December 2018 “It was clear from when he first joined, he couldn’t wait to get to know the other members. He’s really had a positive effect on the entire group.” Portuguese chatterbox Andre worked hard to overcome a language barrier, before feeling isolated after leaving college. The social side of sport has been […]

Cortez’ Story

Cortez’ Story15th November 2018 “We put the ball under my chair and ran to the goal, but it was clear the other players didn’t like that.” Physically included but socially excluded. Socialising with our coaches & volunteers, has helped Cortez enjoy sport again. Cortez is an upbeat, performing arts and sports enthusiast with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral […]


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