Elaine’s story of why inclusion matters

It’s our 10th birthday! 🎉
Our award-winning inclusive community sports clubs first launched in September 2013.
Since then our charity has delivered inclusive sport sessions to 21,000 disabled people and their families.
To mark the occasion we are bringing you 10 stories from our charity. Elaine’s story is the third in our series.
Elaine has three reasons why the Disability Sports Coach club she attends is important. She says:-

People with disabilities need to get out.

People with disabilities can’t be stuck at home 24/7

People with disabilities need a life!

Elaine added: “Coming to Club Kensington and Chelsea is great fun. The coach Jake offers lots of sports, games and activities and always make sure everyone is included.

“I enjoy running, jumping, throwing and relays – everything really.

“The club is great for socialising and making new friends – I would be very upset if I didn’t have my club as it’s a big part of my life.”

Club Kensington and Chelsea was established in 2013. That’s 10 years of empowering disabled people through sport!


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