Ruby’s story

It’s our 10th birthday! 🎉
Our award-winning inclusive community sports clubs first launched in September 2013.
Since then our charity has delivered inclusive sport sessions to 21,000 disabled people and their families.
To mark the occasion we are bringing you 10 stories from our charity. Ruby’s story (below) is the first in the series as told by her mum Rita.

Ruby’s Story

‘Ruby is an energetic, fun-loving young adult who loves to be at the heart of the action, be involved and live her life to the full.’
“Ruby also happens to have a life-limiting condition, epilepsy, learning difficulties and autism.
Disability Sports Coach sees Ruby the way we see Ruby, as a wonderful happy young person who wants and needs to be included in their local community.
DSC’s face-to-face and online sessions are part of Ruby’s schedule.
It gives Ruby a great deal of pleasure – the love of sporting activities with friends, all done in a fun, safe environment whilst also stretching Ruby to be her best possible self.
The club also gives me time to meet other parents/carers, swap information and arrange social events for our children.
If DSC didn’t exist it would leave a massive hole.
It’s hard being a young adult with disabilities – you should be able to access the same opportunities as other non-disabled people but most doors remain closed.
DSC helps our kids’ mental health, it helps them to keep fit, make friends and be engaged with their community.
The club is a source of joy and something to look forward to every week.”


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