160 Hours – A Record Month!

We amassed an impressive total of 160 hours of coaching in the month of November across all our community programmes

From Hillingdon in the west to Havering in the east; and from Barnet in the north to Sutton in the south, our coaches have been busy delivering sports and physical activity sessions to an assortment of Schools, Colleges, local disability groups as well as our own weekly Community Clubs.

The beneficiaries of all this activity are the hundreds of disabled Londoners who are provided with opportunities to be active on a regular basis and enjoy all the health and social benefits that physical activity can bring.

Hugh Elsegood, Disability Sports Coach’s Sport & Physical Activity Manager said: “This is a fantastic achievement. Whether it is a school, local community group or individual, reaching a record number of delivery hours, proves that there is a demand for the service we offer. Alongside the numbers, our coaches continue to receive brilliant feedback too.”

Get Involved & Get Active!

If you’re a school, college, community group or individual and would like to know how our coaches can get you active, please contact Hugh on 020 7021 0973 or email hugh@disabilitysportscoach.co.uk.


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