Educational Coaching

We have over 10 years’ experience of
working with schools to deliver inclusive
PE lessons and afterschool clubs.

We support schools to deliver high quality PE and school sport

We offer a wide range of options to support your SEN and mainstream school or college to achieve the outcomes of the PE and Sport Premium.


Our qualified and experienced coaches work with your teachers to introduce new inclusive sports.

Along with physical benefits, our sessions also play an important role in helping reduce isolation, improving social skills and raising self-esteem.

Even ten minutes of moderate exercise a day will raise your heart rate, will burn calories and will help maintain your overall fitness level.


School Sports Clubs

School Sports Clubs are a vital part of our Inclusive School PE programme, providing the essential activities for your pupils.

  • Help to provide more opportunities for pupils to be part of extra-curricular activities
  • Improve pupil’s physical literacy through the delivery of multi-sport clubs with a wide range of sports available
  • Help your teams prepare for local competitions, School Games, LYG ParaGames and Mini-Games
  • Help your pupil’s meet recommended physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous activity
School Sports Clubs

School Sports Days

Why not make it part of National School Sport week or a Paralympic Challenge Day?

Get your pupils involved in more competitive sport through running a summer term sports day with Olympic and Paralympic sports

Our team can plan and deliver a day to meet the needs of your school and pupils.

Teacher Mentoring

Our coaches work alongside teachers and teaching assistants to support them in making their sessions inclusive.


DSC Coaches always deliver to a very high standard. The pupils love our packed School Club programme, full of fun and energetic sessions.

Holly Black (Head of PE), Oak Lodge for the Hearing Impaired School

Oak Lodge for the Hearing Impaired School

For more information about how we can support your PE and Sport Premium objectives, please contact our coaching services:



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