6 sports, 3 days, 120 disabled people getting active

Paralympian visits Sports Days for disabled people from 11 London Boroughs, as Club Wandsworth, Club Hackney & Club Brent are crowned regional champions

As part of our Community Club project, 3 sports days were available for free to all disabled people during this February half term. 122 disabled people from 8 to 55 years took part in sports competition to be crowned the regional sports day winner 2016 with DSC patron and Judo Paralympian Ben Quilter presenting the prizes.

Other local youth groups were also in attendance but attending their weekly Community Club is paying off for Club Wandsworth, Hackney & Brent, as they were crowned regional champions respectively.

Ben Quilter was really impressed; “It was fantastic to see disabled people of all ages coming together to take part in competitive sport. There was a lot of talent on show and it was clear that everyone taking part was having a great time.”

At each of the days a local coach from Surrey Cricket, Arsenal in the Community and The Tennis Foundation were present to talent spot recruiting future sporting stars.

For further information on how to join your local Community Club please visit www.disabilitysportscoach.org.uk/community-clubs/ or contact Emma on: 020 7021 0973 or emma@disabilitysportscoach.co.uk.


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