Nominate Us in the Ecclesiastical Movement for Good Awards 2021!
9th June 2021

Help us win £1000 to reach more disabled people with the power of inclusive sport by nominating us in the Ecclesiastical Movement for Good Awards!

The Movement for Good Awards by Ecclesiastical Insurance have been running for three years, giving 500 eligible charities an award of £1000 each year. These awards aim to support organisations that are doing positive work in their communities, and so once again Disability Sports Coach is eligible to win!

All you have to do is click on the link above, search for Disability Sports Coach and fill in the form.

Doing so could help us win the donation, which would make a real difference in allowing us to reach more disabled people with our Community Clubs, online Active at Home programme, coaching and much more.

Research from the Activity Alliance has found that disabled people are twice as likely to be inactive than non-disabled people, with the COVID-19 pandemic creating additional barriers to sport. We also know that, in general, disabled people are four times as likely to experience loneliness than non-disabled people.

Our annual survey for 2019-2020, however, showed that over 70% of our Community members feel less isolated when attending our Clubs. This means that the more Clubs we can get up and running, the more disabled people we can reach to get active and connect through sport.

The more nominations we receive, the bigger our chance of winning, so please do nominate us and spread the word.




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