A home run for ClubDerby Series

Throughout November & December 2018, 8 of our Community Clubs took to the pitch in 4 local ClubDerbys

Following the great success of Baseball at our Spring ClubGames and Summer Festival, we teamed up with Baseball Softball UK once again to lead on our ClubDerby series. During our weekly Community Club sessions, members from one Community Club travelled across the borough to their opposing club turf for a friendly ClubDerby.

Before the ClubDerby series kicked off, our coaches and volunteers attended a Baseball Activators Course provided by Baseball Softball UK on how to deliver and adapt Baseball for our club members. The team put their training into practice delivering Baseball themed activities during the weekly club sessions in the run up to the derby.

78 club members from 8 Community Clubs were involved within 4 ClubDerbys. All games were incredibly tight, with 3 of the derby’s only winning by one run! There was plenty of home runs, strike outs and curve balls. The results are in…

Club Brent 14 v 15 Club Kensington & Chelsea

Club Hackney 12 v 11 Club Tower Hamlets

Club Southwark 10 v 16 Club Sutton

Club Lambeth 16 v 15 Club Wandsworth

Now that we have our ClubDerby finalists, in June we hope to bring together all ClubDerby teams for a London wide Community Club competition to find out which club would be crowned the ClubDerby Champion!

Patrick Knock, BSUK Development Manager said: “I’m very excited about the four baseball ClubDerbys that have taken place this Autumn across London, which have all been enjoyed by the club members, the coaches and BSUK staff. These followed right after we trained 14 Disability Sports Coach club volunteer & coaches in how to deliver adapted baseball sessions in their weekly clubs. The sport has been enjoyed by a large number of club members and sessions have been inclusive for all.

BSUK looks forward to continuing developing baseball with DSC and put plans in place for a summer festival event set against the backdrop of the first ever MLB London Series event in June 2019!”

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