#MyStory – Abu, Club Sutton
24th November 2016

“Attending Club Sutton has helped Abu’s concentration and behaviour outside the club”

Abu has shown that DSC Community Clubs improve life skills. This is his story.

When Abu first joined Club Sutton 8 months ago he couldn’t participate in group activities. Now with a little encouragement from coaches and peers Abu takes part in everything he possibly can. Maddy, Club Sutton coach commented that “the improvement week to week in Abu’s ability to focus and take part with others has been incredible to see.”

Abu has autism so being part of teams and socialising with others’ is often difficult for him. Taking part in a sports club every week outside the school setting has given Abu a new love for sports and improved his behaviour both at home and school.

Playing tennis on a regular basis has particularly helped Abu’s focus; Abu could now hit a ball with a partner for hours. High fiving with team mates when goals are scored is a sight to behold, especially in contrast to the Abu that first joined Club Sutton.

It is evident from speaking to both Abu’s parents and club coaches, that these social improvements have a transferred into school and home life. Abu’s Father spoke with enormous pride, telling us that “Abu has achieved a lot since coming to Club Sutton. Attending the club has helped Abu’s concentration and behaviour outside the club as well as improved his ability to socialise with others.”

Abu’s story is a fantastic example of the transferability of social skills learnt through the integral elements of sport, within a young persons’ wider holistic development.

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