Action Packed Weekend with London Youth

Funded by the Sulgrave trust, we are delivering London Youth’s action packed weekend of inclusive sports and outdoor activities for young people aged 14-25, all based at London Youth’s residential and sports centre in the Chiltern Forest.

The weekend aims to allow young people to get active, trying a host of new and inclusive sports, team building exercises and swimming in a fun and supportive environment. It also enables a chance to build positive relationships among young people and organisations, hopefully leading to the sharing of ideas and signposting young people into our DSC Community Clubs.

Andrew Staples, Sports Development Officer, London Youth said, “Working with DSC allows us to deliver top quality inclusive events to our members. Using their expertise for the main day of the residential we can offer our members the chance to try a range of new inclusive sports and allow them to link their participants into relevant sporting delivery.

Their delivery methods are fantastic and offer the young people a positive, stimulating and challenging environment in which to strive to be the best they can be”

To book us for your event, please contact or call 020 7021 0973.


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