Best Charity Award Winners

Southwark Business Excellence Awards 2019 “Best Charity or Social Enterprise Award” Winners

On the 13th June 2019, we were awarded the “Best Charity or Social Enterprise Award” at the Southwark Business Excellence Awards 2019 hosted by The Hilton Bankside.

The “Best Charity or Social Enterprise Award” sponsored by Delancey celebrated the charity or social enterprise making the most significant positive difference to the area through it’s activities, and ability to generate and attract funding to to meet defined social and environmental goals.

The reason for winning? We are one of very few charities offering specialist sports provision for disabled people in Southwark. For over five years, Community Club Southwark has provided a vital network of support for disabled people in the borough. We have delivered 185 sessions with 60 local people regularly benefiting from attending and hosted 7 regional events at The Castle Centre.

Since 2018, we have also delivered 4 holiday programmes in Southwark totalling 64 hours for 22 disabled children aged 5-11, and launched a Christmas Club as part of our Unity Campaign aiming to inspire more disabled people to be socially connected through sport and encourage greater social inclusion. The event consisted of a morning of sport followed by a festive lunch for our members and their families with 50 disabled children and adults in attendance.

In our acceptance speech, Fundraising Manager Amardeep Gill said: “We have worked across 20 London Borough’s since 2005 but we are from the Borough of Southwark, it’s where we started, it’s our home and it’s great to be recognised here. We’re so thrilled to have won and to be recognised for our work to empower disabled people in Southwark. We have much more to do – thank you all for your support!”

Get involved: Support our Summer Festival Appeal

We need to raise £5,000 to fund our Community Club flagship annual event and ensure we reach as many people as possible. By supporting our Summer Festival, you will empower disabled people to get involved in activities they would otherwise be excluded from, get more active and meet new friends.

Since 2015, almost 2,000 disabled people have enjoyed our Summer Festival.

Click here to donate and support a fantastic cause!


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