Circus workshop wins applause from club members

Disability Sports Coach club members in Hackney got the chance to learn performance skills from the country’s leading circus school.

Trainers from the National Centre for Circus Arts visited the club, which meets at the Queensbridge Sports and Community Centre, 30 Holly Street, London, E8 3XW

From tightwire walking, to juggling scarves in the air and balancing circus sticks, members of the Hackney club described the session as ‘so much fun’.

Disability Sports Coach runs 10 inclusive sports clubs across London for disabled children and adults, catering for all disabilities.

Members in Hackney usually play a range of sports from tennis, Boccia and basketball, but one of our coaches, Melissa Vanachter, wanted to offer them something different.

Melissa said: “It’s fantastic for our members to get the chance to learn from top circus skills trainers. The activities are brilliant for improving balance and co-ordination, apart from being great fun to do! All the members said how much they enjoyed the session and would love to do it again.”

Niki Lavithis, Learning and Participation Manager at the National Centre for Circus Arts said: “It was great to see participants growing in confidence during the session and overcoming any initial nerves.

“Learning circus skills is a good balance of the mental and physical, as it involves concentration and using your gross motor skills.

“It also helps to develop resilience as if a movement doesn’t go right you have another go at it.

“People taking part in circus skills sessions come out with such a sense of achievement and a real positive feeling of wellbeing.”


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