Community Club project joins forces with The Tennis Foundation

Following The Tennis Foundation funding boost and delivery of an Activator Course at the end of last year to our coaches, 2016 has seen tennis mania in our Community Clubs.

Tennis has been delivered in our 11 Clubs during the course of 2016 and was a feature sport at our west region sports day. Tennis has been a new and somewhat challenging sport for many of our participants. Over the last two terms it has been fantastic seeing many club participants from struggling to hit the ball now to be able to rally with each other.

By helping fund tennis equipment and coach development support The Tennis Foundation have enabled tennis to be a key part of our club sports programme. The below quote from Club Development Officer, Emma Cranstonshows just one example of the positive impact which the inclusion of tennis has had on our Club participants.

“Mercedes at Club Westminster needs a lot of encouragement to take part in most sports. Last week, however, Mercedes took part in a whole tennis session. Mercedes’ support worker couldn’t believe it when I showed her a short video of Mercedes playing tennis.”

In year 3 of the project we will work even more closely with The Tennis Foundation. We plan to take as many of our or club participants as possible to the Wheelchair Tennis Masters in November. In addition in the next year, we plan to signpost more participants to tennis clubs as well as entering some club participants into Special Olympic tennis events.

As well as tuning into Wimbledon over the next couple of weeks, get down to one of our Community Clubs to experience tennis in a fun and structured environment.

Tennis will also be available, as delivered by The Tennis Foundation at our Summer Festival on July 22ndat The Westway Sports and Fitness Centre. For full information, please contact Emma Cranston on 02070210973 or email


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