Introducing the Disability Sports Coach TikTok!
18th June 2021

Over the past few years, an unexpected platform has begun gaining momentum within the charity sector. You might think of TikTok as an app for dances and dog videos, but it’s also gained quite a following as an educational tool, and so soon enough organisations started using it to share information about their causes.

So, we thought we’d get on board! We recently created our own TikTok account, and we’d love you to join us as we share our knowledge of inclusive sport, our members’ stories, plus lots of other fun stuff along the way!

We’re really excited to start sharing videos with you all, whether it’s clips from our disability sports clubs and events, videos from our coaches and patrons, maybe even a few TikTok trends with a disability sport twist!

Follow us @disabilitysportscoach and stay tuned to see videos introducing our members and volunteers, challenges, behind-the-scenes clips and more!


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