Ellie’s Story
15th November 2019

“I just love scoring a goal!”

We all know the feeling you get from scoring a goal, and surprise surprise, Ellie loves it too. This is her story.

Ellie very rarely misses a Club Wandsworth session since joining early 2014. Despite her anxiety she loves attending the club and waits each week by the door, for her carer to bring her.

Club Coach Emma has seen notable improvement since first meeting Ellie. “Her improvement over the last 2 years is remarkable. She now shows the confidence to run, throw and catch and is now happy to take part in team games.”

Ellie has autism and severe anxiety, and often finds it difficult to mix with large groups. Sounds and movement, often sensory issues, tend to scare Ellie, so the ability to feel comfortable in a packed sports sessions is key.

“We are so pleased with the progress that Ellie has made at Club Wandsworth” Claire, Ellie’s mum said. “Despite her complex special needs and anxiety, she is always really keen and enthusiastic to go to the club every week and looks forward to going. She always comes back buzzing after a session, especially if she has scored a goal!”

“Ellie really benefits so much from the fantastic and enthusiastic coaches, who have so much patience and caring and know exactly how to adapt sports to enable Ellie and her peers to achieve previously unachievable things.”

Claire is clearly really pleased with the progress Ellie is making, and was delighted when she won a Jack Petchey Award for Outstanding Achievements (pictured above).


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