Our 5-year vision to enhance the lives of disabled people

We outline our 5-year vision to enhance the lives of disabled people through the power of sport.

We are pleased to share Enhancing Lives – our 2023-28 strategy to improve the physical and mental health of disabled people.

The benefits of sport on physical and mental wellbeing are well-known. But, for disabled people, opportunities are hard to come by. Barriers such as a lack of education, investment and awareness mean that disabled people are half as active as non-disabled people. With the pandemic and subsequent cost-of-living crisis disproportionately impacting disabled people, our work is more vital than ever.

That’s why we consulted with disabled people, parents, carers and partners to shape a new strategy to break these barriers.

Together, we outlined three key objectives:

  1. Empower disabled people of all ages to participate in sport and feel part of a supportive community
  2. Educate individuals and organisations with the skills, expertise and confidence to deliver inclusive activities for all
  3. Enrich the lives of disabled people by providing specialist services that enhances the work of our partners

Peter Ackred, CEO of Disability Sports Coach, said: “We have big ambitions, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why at the heart our plan lies partnerships with communities, supporters, volunteers and coaches. We hope you will join us on our journey to enhancing lives.”

Read our plan to enhance lives here: Disability Sports Coach – Enhancing Lives: Our 5-year Vision.

Support our vision:

  1. Join a Community Club near you
  2. Share our work with your networks
  3. Donate today and break down barriers to sport for disabled people

We thank everyone who contributed to our strategy. We would especially like to thank our partners at MIGSO-PCUBED and the Cranfield Trust for sharing their invaluable expertise and help shape our strategy.

A man is smiling while playing football. He is wearing a black shirt and gloves while standing in front of a football goal.



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