Geraldine Carron, Club Wandsworth Participant
21st January 2016


“I love doing sports every week. I come to keep fit and see my friends and the coaches.”


Geraldine is superb role model at Club Wandsworth with a can do attitude. This is her story.

Though Geraldine has always been at the heart of her local community, often volunteering in a local charity shop and a youth centre, she has often found it difficult to participate in sport. Its quite clear she is loved by all those who meet her, so she naturally fitted in straight away when she joined Club Wandsworth.

Having joined early 2015, Geraldine has become an integral part of Club Wandsworth and her positive attitude really rubs off on her peers. Club Coach Emma commented, “Joining a new sports club can often be intimidating but Geraldine is always the first to welcome new participants, she does a great a job!”

Its plain that Geraldine loves to be around her friends, but she’s also seeing the benefits of regularly sports activity with her fitness levels noticeably improving.

“Geraldine is an absolute pleasure to have at the club. Everyone can take a leaf out of her book”. Coach Emma couldn’t wish for a more friendly participant to coach, so keep it up Geraldine!


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