Grace, Club Wandsworth
15th November 2019

“Attending Club Wandsworth is the highlight of Grace’s week. This is her #MyStory!”

Grace’s physical and social improvement from attending Club Wandsworth means she can not only play sport alongside teammates, but can now play with her family in the local park.

When Grace first started at Club Wandsworth, she was reluctant to walk unsupported. Today Grace happily dribbles a football without help. Grace additionally represents Club Wandsworth’s team at DSC Sports Days in sports such as football.

As well as the improvements in Grace’s physical abilities allowing her to take part in fun competition, Grace is now able to play sports in the park with her family. A few years ago Grace would have had to watch. This reflects the wider social benefits of being able to enjoy sport. Grace’s mother Meagan said “Before Disability Sports Coach’s local club there was not a sports session suitable for Grace. Grace’s physical improvements have been amazing to see since she started attending the club; I don’t know what we’d do without DSC.”

Grace is a true celebrity at Club Wandsworth. When Grace walks in everyone stops what they’re doing to welcome her. This year in particular Grace’s competitive streak has emerged as her ability has improved. Grace loves to win points against the coaches and volunteers in tennis and badminton. Volunteer/Coach Graham who has worked with Grace comments that the greatest difference is that “today Grace’s parents do not need to support Grace through all parts of the session.“

Coaches at Club Wandsworth sing Grace’s praises – Emma commented, “Grace’s infectious personality and determination comes out the more you work with her.” Before Graham added, “Grace is lively and makes coaching really enjoyable.”

Grace’s story demonstrates that developing sporting ability and confidence can not only bring out character but can improve the quality of leisure time with family and friends.

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