How will you be active? Introducing Blaine Harrison, Mystery Jets Singer

5 things you need to know about our #DSCSummerFestival

#3. Special guest, Blaine Harrison gets sweaty with a guitar and microphone for indie band Mystery Jets, but how will you be active?

Mystery Jets – Bubblegum


Last year, 100% of our club members at the Summer Festival said they would be more active after attending! This year, with more activities and more special guests to inspire you, the question isn’t if… but how?

You may think the aim of the #DSCSummerFestival is to be the best at all 22 sports, but actually we want it to inspire you to find your favourite activity.

Summer Festival special guest Blaine Harrison was inspired by a piano during his schools years and has since become the lead singer of indie rock band, Mystery Jets. He was born with a disability called spina bifida which affects his leg muscles.

Although admitting his being an athlete was not his path in life, Blaine has a passion for performing and tells us how the Summer Festival is a great opportunity for our club members to find their path.

Blaine Harrison of Mystery Jets, said: “Just like live music, sport should be for all to enjoy and participate in. The Paralympics have captured the imagination of a whole new generation of athletes and sport lovers alike, and this event feels like a great way to channel that excitement.”

We cannot wait to welcome Blaine to our Summer Festival 2017!

Interested in creative arts? Discover Heart N Soul

Of course, it isn’t just sport that can inspire you. We work with Heart N Soul to make sure our club members can get involved in arts and music too.

Heart N Soul are a creative arts charity that teach disabled people in new skills or develop their inner artists!

An extra special thanks to Heart N Soul, who have given us amazing prizes for this years Tombola, including a cool t-shirt and a CD ‘Loud & Proud’ by Lizzie Emeh!


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