Inclusive Futures Disability Awareness Training

DSC delivered Disability Awareness training as part of the Inclusive Futures Volunteers Conference at the Copper Box, Olympic Park on the 21st October 2014.

Inclusive Futures is a sports volunteering initiative between Youth Sport Trust and London Youth Games to promote a positive attitude towards disability and get young people of all abilities volunteering.

The Disability Awareness training consisted of 4 practical workshops based around the different types of disabilities, social barriers and adapting sports. Lucy Wright, Coach & Training Development Officer was pleased to be part of the day, signalling the relevance of such events, “It was important for these young volunteers to get a basic idea of how to make their sports activities inclusive through fun and engaging workshops. This way it will encourage them to put what they learnt back into the community!”

Ambassador for Inclusive Futures and Rio 2016 Paralympic hopeful Kyle Powell said “It is really special to be here and it’s important because people may not think that because of my disability I am as useful to society as non-disabled people. I want to prove them wrong with the Inclusive Futures Project and help promote a positive attitude towards young people with a disability and show they are just as if not more useful than non-disabled.”


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