Kate Grey becomes third Paralympian to support #MyStory campaign

Kate Grey, former GB Paralympic Swimming, Athlete Mentor and BBC Sports Broadcaster became the third Paralympian to support our #MyStory campaign, acknowledging that inspiration doesn’t always come from gold medals.

When asked about the impact our club members stories will have, Kate commented, “It’s important for young people to realise they are living their own story, living their own journey. I don’t think it’s all about winning gold medals, or being the best of the fastest, it’s about being the best you can be.”

The #MyStory campaign has seen 5 inspirational stories so far, stories that often go unheard and demonstrate that whether you are a volunteer, club member or elite athlete, you can inspire others to get involved in sport.

Kate continued, “I think #MyStory encourages anyone whether its gaining self confidence or stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s great to hear from so many different people.”

Kate Grey, former GB Paralympian supports #MyStory


Sports mad Mariah’s new confidence sparks leader role

Mariah has attended Club Brent for 6 years becoming a key part of the Community Club programme. During that time, Mariah has grown not only as an athlete but as a person too. Her new found confidence has enabled her to start helping others. This is Mariah’s #MyStory.

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