Kate Grey Instagram Takeover!

On the 5th April at our DSC Easter Sports Day 2017, former GB Paralympian & Patron, Kate Grey will be taking over our Instagram profile

Kate Grey takes over Disability Sports Coach Instagram Profile


To add more excitement around the Easter Sports Day, Kate will be taking photos and videos with our Community Club members, all at the end of a selfie stick!

In the build up to our Easter Sports Day, Kate recorded a short video for us:

“Hello, I’m Kate Grey – former GB Paralympic Swimmer and Disability Sports Coach Patron. I can’t wait to see you all at the DSC Easter Sports Day and I’m really looking forward to taking over Disability Sports Coach Instagram profile! So I’m going to take loads of selfies and videos of the day. See you all Wednesday – Bye!”

The selfies and interviews will be shown on our Instagram profile ‘Stories’, so make sure you start following and you miss out!

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