Lights, Camera, Vlog!

On Sunday 24th March, Community Club members & volunteers ditched footballs for phones in a unique Vlogging Workshop

You may think that our Community Club programme is all about sports, however do know that our members & volunteers like to expand their skill set into other areas.

If you follow us on social media (if you don’t, you should!), you know we like to showcase everything we are up to at Disability Sports Coach. From giving you live updates at our events, streaming tasters sessions at the weekly clubs or letting you know what conferences we are attending, we want you to be just as involved as we are. But it’s not just us who are social media happy, our members & volunteers are always liking, sharing and posting about DSC too!

Therefore, we have decided to have a ‘DSC Media Team’. This team will be behind their phones, tablets & cameras making sure our DSC followers keep up to date through filming and creating short video footage at our events & sessions.

To make sure our team have all the skills they need, they attended a Vlogging Workshop delivered by The Media Trust. A Vlog is simply a video blog – ‘vloggers’ film their day and post on social media platforms. During our workshop, members & volunteers learnt how to shoot, edit and publish their very own video. Take a look some of the vlogs done on the day:

Are you following all our social media platforms?


Lauren, Club Development Manager said: “It’s great to be able to give our members & volunteers new opportunities that are different to just participating in sport at their weekly club. There are so many roles individuals can do within our clubs and events that we want to empower our members and volunteers to do (such as social media, videography, photography) rather than going to other organisations. We are excited to see how our media team get on over the next few months.”

Big thank you to Nat from the Media Trust for giving our new Media Team all the skills they will need.

Want to join the DSC Media Team?

Do you have an interest in social media or filming? Get in touch with Lauren at or on 0207 021 0973 to find out more about joining the DSC Media Team.



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