Lord’s host Disability Equality Training

Lords Cricket Ground are the first to benefit from our new course training 60 staff members before a busy summer of 2019

Lords Cricket Ground are the first to benefit from the new partnership with London Sport, training 60 staff members through six Disability Equality Training courses, across three days in May 2019.

Employees ranged from all departments including security, sales and customer services, corporate hospitality and facility maintenance ensuring that Middlesex and away disabled fans alike, have a positive, inclusive experience across the ground.

Russ Seymour, Lord’s Cricket Ground Sustainability Manager said: “It is central to our business and our approach that we improve our staff’s understanding of our visitors access needs ahead of our busy summer of cricket. This course was perfect for raising awareness and helping with long-term planning, as we remain committed to providing the right facilities and services for disabled people at Lord’s Cricket Ground.”

Host a course & improve your access for disabled people

Interested in our new course in partnership with London Sport? Click here to find out the full learning outcomes from a practical workshop improving services and facilitates for disabled people.

For more information, please contact Louis Wickett-Padgham, Business Development Manager at louis@disabilitysportscoach.co.uk or 0207 021 0973.


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