Mario Mhirete, Club Westminster Participant
21st January 2016

“Playing football and basketball is my favourite part of the week”

Mario is the most recent Club Westminster Champ and deservedly so. This is his story.

Since attending Club Westminster, there have been obvious improvements with Mario’s confidence and anxiety. Club Coach John, had noticed the improvements saying “There’s been huge improvements. He now interacts with all participants, he didn’t always you know! He is often the first up to try a new skill or activity.”

Not only has Mario developed his confidence since joining the Community Club nearly 1 year ago, he has shown clear signs of improving his fundamental movement skills.

“His co-ordination has developed well, and the great thing is, I can’t see his development slowing down – he’s really showing a genuine keenness to take part every week. The sessions have been a real source of exercise for Mario” stated Mario’s Support Worker.

Mario was recently crowned the Club Westminster Champ and after listening to his Club Coach and support worker, it really is no surprise.

Well done Mario, keep up the great work!


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