Marking 600 Inclusive Sport Sessions with Share Community
12th May 2021

An important element of our work at Disability Sports Coach is establishing partnerships with local community who share a common goal in ensuring disabled people keep fit and healthy.

One of the most longstanding of these is our partnership with Share Community, a charity based in Wandsworth that delivers learning, living and wellbeing programmes to disabled people.

Share Community’s mission is to support disabled people to realise their potential, have greater choice and independence, and live happier, healthier lives. A big part of maintaining wellbeing is being active, so in 2016 we began collaborating with Share to deliver sport sessions to their students.

Over the years, we have delivered a range of fun inclusive sport activities, including the ever-popular Boccia and Dance sessions.

And, as of last month, we are delighted to be celebrating 600 sport and physical activity sessions with Share.

We currently deliver three sessions per week for their groups, which are currently running online due to COVID-19 restrictions, which have been helping students to stay healthy, motivated and connected during lockdown.

One Share participant told us, “It’s nice to get involved in activities. We get to do different kinds of things. We get to listen to music we want. Debbie explains things clearly.” Another said, “My favourite Zoom session is the exercise. I like exercising with my friends on the screen.”

Since 2016, Share has seen a marked improvement in their students’ moods because of our inclusive sports programmes. Charlotte Webby, Share’s Wellbeing Co-ordinator, says:

“Disability Sports Coach allows the people who take part an excellent way to get moving and improve their physical health. Just as importantly, and possibly what we notice more, is the effect the sessions have on their mental health. It’s a chance for students to express themselves through movement and wind down after a day of learning. Students are noticeably more light and spirited after a session”.

It has been fantastic to see Share Community grow over the past five years, and to have delivered so many fun, inspirational sessions. Disability Sports Coach Partnership Manager, Hugh Elsegood, comments:

“We are delighted to have worked in partnership with Share for so many years and to have helped many of their members lead healthier and more active lifestyles. Let’s hope our partnership continues for many more years to come”.

To find out more about our inclusive sports coaching services, click here.



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