#MyStory Celebratory Event with GB Paralympian

Each week for 7 weeks, we released a club member’s story to inspire and motivate their friends to be active, as part of our latest online campaign #MyStory – Share to Inspire.

#MyStory – Share to Inspire – Celebratory Event with Susie Rodgers


On the 8th week, we invited GB Paralympian and #MyStory supporter, Susie Rodgers to meet our club members and share her story.

All 7 #MyStory club members met at The Castle Centre to enjoy a morning of sport and were greeted by a Rio 2016 gold medal swimmer. Susie tried some land-based sports including Sitting Volleyball and Boccia, before presenting her story and answering questions.

Susie was really excited to meet our club members explaining that it’s been difficult to visit grassroots sports as a full-time athlete. “You spend several years being very selfish as an athlete, training and not meeting anyone. Then you get this opportunity to be very normal and to share your experience and hopefully inspire them to take up a sport.”

Susie continued to talk about how she got into sport and if it wasn’t for connecting with Michelle Weltman (now a close friend), she wouldn’t have met her 1st coach and up to national levels – really highlighting the importance of sharing knowledge and experience!

#MyStory – Get Involved

If you missed our inspirational and unique club member stories as part of the #MyStory – Share to Inspiresocial campaign, make sure you take a read and share to inspire your peers!


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