#MyWinterMyWords: Zain

Throughout our #MakingChristmasCount campaign, we have been putting a spotlight on the experiences of our members through their own words – highlighting the importance of amplifying disabled people’s voices in all of our disability activism.⁠

For the latest instalment of our #MyWinterMyWords series, we’re hearing from long-standing Club Wandsworth member, Zain.

Zain is autistic and has experienced delayed speech development and reduced mobility due to fine motor skills. Before he discovered Disability Sports Coach, there was a severe lack of suitable clubs or classes in his area that would encourage his development outside of a school setting.

However, when Club Wandsworth opened, Zain was one of the first members to join, and has come on leaps and bounds ever since, attending as many sessions, events and online activities as possible. He has also benefitted from a home equipment pack, allowing him to stay active at home with inclusive items.

His family attests that Zain’s confidence has grown both in his physical capabilities and his self-belief. Zain himself says:

“I love DSC because of my friends and the coaches who are nice to me. I love the sports we do.”

Zain continues to grow and gain new skills, having started a 3 year course at Merton college in September 2021.

To help us reach more disabled young people like Zain with the power of inclusive sport, please consider donating to Disability Sports Coach today.

Just £20 would allow us to deliver an inclusive online activity class so people can keep active and connected with friends.


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