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Nathan Best, Club Wandsworth Participant
13th October 2016

“The club gets me out of the house and I have made lots of new friends!”

Nathan is a naturally gifted athlete, but his confidence was knocked. This is his story.

As well of being a sports, in particular a football enthusiast the social benefits due to attending Club Wandsworth each week for Nathan are clear.

Nathan’s old football session was discontinued. Nathan was inactive for a number of months before finding Club Wandsworth and the SDA football session that DSC deliver, in Southwark. As a result Nathan is able to play sport regularly and his love for sport is back!

Club coach Emma commented, “Nathan is a hugely social person and his outgoing personality adds real energy to our Club. It was clear he wasn’t confident when he first joined us, but with encouragement and a friendly environment, he’s now flourishing.”

As part of the Community Club programme, we are now currently helping Nathan find a new football club with competition pathways he can attend as well as attending our club. Coach Emma has started to give Nathan greater leadership roles within the club. A couple of teenage boys in particular listen on Nathan’s every word and he is becoming a great role model for them.

If you want to join Nathan at Club Wandsworth every Tuesday afternoon, find the full details here.



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