Paul’s Story
25th March 2020

Paul is Club Islington’s longest standing member, having attended the club for 7 years!

alexandra - disability sports session

Paul has cerebral palsy, resulting in him being a wheelchair user and non-verbal. The condition is due to Paul contracting CMV virus when he was 4 years old.

Nevertheless, Paul’s condition does not stop him, enthusiastically taking in part in all activities at Club Islington. His mother Susan says “Paul waits for his carer by the window every Saturday morning; he knows he is going to Club Islington. When his carer arrives, he doesn’t stop smiling”

Club Islington coach Liliana agrees, saying “The most fun I see Paul having is when he is being pushed really fast in his wheelchair. Paul gets so much from the social interaction at the Club –we are all excited to see Paul each week.”

During the week, Paul attends Daylight day care service. His Mum comments that, “he has been enrolled in community programmes with Daylight and is now so much happier. Club Islington is, similar, in the sense Paul gets to be around people and feels part of a community. The Club is also the only time in the week Paul is active.”

In his 7 years attending the club, Paul has also had the same carer attend with him from day one. Eva is an incredible support to Paul and is an important part of Club Islington herself. Stay tuned, for case studies, on the amazing carers and parents we have supporting our Clubs.

Paul is just one example of how important our Community Clubs are to so many disabled peoples’ lives. The physical and social benefits, really do come hand in hand.



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