Peter’s idea opened up sport to thousands of disabled Londoners

We’re ending our series of stories celebrating Disability Sports Coach’s (DSC) 10th birthday, by hearing from the charity’s founder and CEO Peter Ackred.

Peter’s idea to set up community sports clubs for disabled people came to him one evening. He had noticed how disabled people were being left out of sport in his working life and while volunteering.

Earlier he had experienced rejection at 39 job interviews, while looking for a job in sports development.

Peter’s stammer and his father’s experiences of MS, were also a driving force for Peter wanting to make a difference to disabled people.

The success of DSC’s community clubs 10 years on remains a beacon of pride to Peter. “The clubs are a clear winner and the idea just came to me one evening.

“Knowing that they have supported thousands of disabled Londoners and their families over the last 10 years is just amazing.”

In fact, DSC has supported 21,000 disabled people and their families to date.

The charity also offers coaching and training services. DSC works in schools and colleges to offer adapted sport and is training the next generation of inclusive sports coaches.

Peter said: “DSC has gone from strength to strength but we couldn’t have done it without our many partners, funders and supporters. A big thanks to everyone who has got behind us.”

Looking to the future, Peter said: “DSC is now well established and I’m looking forward to growing and developing the charity and to supporting thousands more disabled people to access sport.”



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