Physical Activity Benefits – Are you getting enough exercise?

UK health departments are promoting a new chart which summarises the current physical activity recommendations for adults, highlighting the benefits of physical activity including health improvements, improving sleep, maintaining healthy weight, managing stress and improving quality of life

The recommendations include doing 75 minutes per week of vigorous intensity activity or 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity (or a combination of both).

Physical inactivity is contributing to 1 in 6 UK deaths (equal to smoking) and up to 40% of many long term conditions (Everyone Active Every Day – The National Physical Activity framework) and with only 18% of disabled adults regularly taking part in sport compared to 39% of non-disabled adults more needs to be done to ensure there is a suitable provision.

CEO, Peter Ackred said, “Disabled people have less opportunities to be physically active. This info graph highlights the need to support more disabled people to have the opportunity to take part in a sport or activity that they enjoy and to benefit from the positive health outcomes that this brings.”

We deliver 11 multi-sport Community Clubs in London for disabled people aged 11+, so if you know of someone who would benefit from attending, click here.



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