Sam on why it’s crucial disabled people can play sport

As part of our series marking the 10th anniversary of Disability Sports Coach (DSC), we asked Trustee Sam Vardy about why he joined our Board.

Sam is a lawyer who loves sport. He told us that he wanted to match his passion for sport with his professional skills to do something worthwhile.

“Sport brings so much to people, in terms of physical exercise, mental wellbeing, and social interaction,” Sam said.

“Throughout my life, some of my fondest memories and strongest friendships have revolved around sport, whether that is beating a running personal best (PB), playing for my work football team, or watching my children compete in triathlon and Irish dancing.  Those benefits are equally as crucial for disabled people.”

Sam added that attending his first DSC Community Club opened his eyes to how vital our inclusive sports sessions are. He said: “Hearing from parents what DSC meant to them, including during Covid when disabled people were more cut off from society than anyone else, I was clear why the clubs are needed.

“I see very few clubs catering specifically for disabled people, or disabled people doing sport generally, so the work that DSC does is so important in filling that space.”



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