Springing into action at Easter holiday club

We are working hard to ensure that disabled children and their families have equal access to sport over the holidays.

That’s why we were delighted to offer Easter holiday sports activities in Poplar in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council.

Disabled children and their siblings took part in multi sports, with lots of running, jumping, throwing and catching involved. There was also a bouncy castle for those with extra energy to burn off!

Disability Sports Coach Project Officer, Matthew Jackson said: “It was amazing to get the support of Tower Hamlets Council to run our Easter holiday activities.

“The activities were enjoyed by all the children who were full of energy and fun at the sessions. Non disabled siblings joined in and parents got the chance to socialise too. The Easter sessions really brought the whole family together.”

Shenneth Brereton, Physical Activity Officer for Tower Hamlets Council said: “It was fantastic to work with Disability Sports Coach (DSC) to offer Easter holiday activities in Poplar.

“At Tower Hamlets Council we are passionate about breaking down the barriers to participation in sport and share the same ethos as DSC.

“Taking part in sport is not just about doing an activity; it teaches life skills, reduces isolation and boosts confidence.

“Thanks to support from the Holiday Activities and Food Provision (HAF) fund, we were able to run a really successful Easter sports club in partnership with DSC, which was enjoyed by so many disabled children and their families.”





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