Summer Festival 101 – An Active You

Dislike most sports? No problem… let’s introduce you to our new ‘Fitness Zone’ and inspire you to be active in a different way.

Taking part in sport and physical activity doesn’t have to be about how fast you can run, how far you can throw or if you can do a roly-poly. Finding the right activity that you enjoy is key to leading a healthy more active lifestyle.

Just to give you a bit of background, the UK Government has said that adults aged 19 – 64 should be doing 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. However, Sport England have found that only 36% of disabled people with multiple impairments are actually reaching this target. There are many reasons why disabled people may not want to participant in sport and physical activity, for example social anxiety, accessibility, communication barriers, transportation, activity costs to name a few. Activity Alliance have found that 72% of disabled adults have suffered with at least one barrier to participating in sport.

Our Summer Festival 2018 aims to provide you with as many different traditional and none-traditional activities you can do and hopefully find the right activity for you to do in the long term. Therefore, amongst 18 other sports and activities, we are showcasing a new “Fitness Zone” to encourage you to think about other activities you can do and remove some of barriers to participating.

Here’s what to expect:

1. Gym Stations – Westway Sports & Fitness Centre

We will have all adapted machines including treadmills, rowing machines and weight lifting equipment to cater for all impairments.

With so many fitness gym’s offering accessible gym equipment, discounted gym memberships for disabled people and quiet zone’s, it’s perfect for those who like to do activities by themselves or with their friends.

Westway Sports and Fitness Manager and Gym goer, Ian Ling commented: “It is proven that fitness activities are the most popular way to exercise. Most people will have a gym local to them which is open for most of the day. A lot of gyms these days will have equipment that can be used by disabled users (as well as non-disabled users) in order to ensure that the gym remains accessible for all.”

2. Yoga – Special Yoga

The perfect activity for those that want relax but also get your body moving at the same time. Special Yoga will guide you through some typical exercises that can be enjoyed at a Yoga class or your own home!

3. Chair Exercises Beyond Limits

Exercises based on a chair or floor are a great way to add little bits of movement into your day without having to leave the house. The movements can be simple yet creative and effective at getting your heartrate up.

We hope that our Summer Festival will inspire you to be more active and find the activity right for you!

Key details & register your place online!

Date: Friday 27thJuly 2018
Time: 10am – 3pm
Venue: Westway Sport and Fitness Centre, 1 Crowthorne Road, Kensington, London, W10 6RP
Price: FREE
Register: Click here to register for free!

If you are an organisation and want to bring a group, please contact Lauren before the event, on the below contact details.

For more information please call Lauren on 0207 021 0973 or email

This event is sponsored by LMAX Exchange:

LMAX Exchange Group is a global, high-growth financial technology company that is leading the transformation of the global FX industry to transparent, fair, precise and consistent execution. Servicing funds, banks, brokerages in over 100 countries, LMAX Exchange operates one global marketplace for trading FX, metals, indices and commodities. Headquartered in West London, LMAX Exchange is committed to supporting the local community and welcomes the opportunity to sponsor Disability Sports Coach’s Summer Festival 2018.

David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Exchange said: “Based in West London, LMAX Exchange has built a successful, high growth technology company that has become a leading innovator in global capital markets. We are committed and pleased to support all sports and youth development in the local community where we work. And it is our privilege to support Disability Sports Coach’s Summer Festival 2018 and their objective of getting disabled people physically active, by creating sporting and physical activity opportunities, ensuring a positive impact on their lives.”



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