Teddy Diab, Club Westminster North and South Participant
20th January 2015

“I never miss a session!”

Teddy doesn’t miss a session… He enjoys playing sport so much, he currently attends both Club Westminster North and now Westminster South! This is his story.

Teddy, 18 has a mild learning disability and loves playing sport. He hasn’t missed a session at Club Westminster North since it restarted in September.

Coach Aderito is glad to coach such a passionate participant, “Teddy rarely misses a session and his enthusiasm each week is amazing to see.” Naturally when Club Westminster South started in January, Teddy’s name was first on the register list!

Elaine Bell, Teddy’s support worker from The Westminster Society explains how Teddy hasn’t always enjoyed playing sport.

“Teddy feels safe at the session thanks the coaches and the indoor hall. This is especially important for Teddy as he has a fear of doing sport outdoors, especially in parks. The inclusive nature of the sessions, means that Teddy shines at both Club Westminster’s and looks forward to attending every week.”


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