Tesco Store Vote: Raise funds for our Community Club Southwark

Throughout September & October, you can raise funds for our Community Club Southwark by voting in Tesco’s in-store Bags of Help scheme

Shop in Tesco’s in Southwark? Now’s your chances to help us raise funds for our local Community Club Southwark and support disabled people get more active, more often! Each time you shop, simply pick up those blue tokens and drop in the box named Disability Sports Coach.

As part of Tesco’s ‘Bag of Help’ grant scheme, customers can vote for their favourite charity each time they shop – all you need to do is place the blue tokens in our box! The project with the highest number of votes across Southwark in September will receive £4,000, the second placed project £2,000, and the third placed project £1,000.

The money donated by Tesco will go towards sustaining our pan-disability, sports club for all disabled people based at The Castle Centre, Elephant and Castle. Community Club Southwark has been running for 4 years now and has become the go to activity for disabled people in the area.

Alison Morgan, Disability Sports Coach Fundraising Manager urges you to vote: “Thanks so much to Tesco for choosing DSC to be one of it’s charities that receives funds from their Bags of Help Scheme. Please do vote for us if you are in a Tesco around Elephant and Castle, Borough, Bermondsey, Peckham and East Dulwich!”

Vote with your next shop: Find your local Southwark store!

You can find our project in 18 Tesco stores in Southwark, so please vote when you next shop in this area. Remember, every vote will count and any customer can vote!

Click here to find your local store before you vote!


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