Try Something New… 6 new sports lined up for our Summer Festival 2017!

5 things you need to know about our #DSCSummerFestival

#2. Each year we like to offer something interesting & new. Our #DSCSummerFestival 2017 will have 6 amazing new sports for our members to try!


The most requested sport after last year’s Summer Festival is set to take the centre stage this year. Skateboarding delivered by Skates and Ladders will be on hand to teach you the basics.

Instructor Josh Ward-Brickett said: Skateboarding is a lot of fun and is not as hard as it looks. Like everything else, it is only hard if you do not know what you are doing. You are never too clumsy or too unconfident. We guarantee to get you skateboarding, build your confidence and most importantly make sure you have tons of fun doing it.”

For those individuals wanting to try sport a little more adventurous than this is the sport for you – but don’t worry helmets and pads are provided!


It might sound a little bit surprising for new Summer Festival goers that we have never featured Rugby as a sport before but don’t threat Rugby will make an appearance this year.

England Rugby and International Mixed Ability Sport are here to deliver a classic British sport.

Mark Goodwin from International Mixed Ability Sport said: The Mixed Ability Model promotes social inclusion through education and by encouraging players of all abilities to be equal members of mainstream sports clubs. We’re really excited to introduce it to DSC’s club members at the Summer Festival!

They will be based outside and will have you running, throwing and scoring.

Fives / Wallball

Those who are a member of Club K + C may have already had a little taster to Fives but we are here to bring it to everyone. For those not familiar with Fives, think of it as squash without a racket!

Daniel from Westway Fives said: “The Eton Fives Association/UK Wallball are very excited to be a part of this year’s summer festival with DSC. Our Wallball sessions include a variety of fun games, structured to be fully accessible to participants of all ages and abilities. We look forward to seeing you at the sports day and hopefully at our regular Westway sessions.”

Be sure to go see Daniel to learn everything you need to know about Fives.


Yes, you read that right Cheerleading is coming to the Summer Festival this year. ParaCheer is a unique and growing sport with many great successes in recent years. It’s not all about waving pompoms at sports competitions but rather performing a mixture of gymnastics, dance and throwing people in the air!

Keep an eye of for Part 5 of our ‘Things you need to know about our #DSCSummerFestival’ to learn more about Cheerleading…

Switch Sports

Unique and different, SwitchSports is a new sport made up of old sports! This budding sport is a mash up of Handball, Netball, Football, Basketball and Volleyball to make one crazy new sport.

It might sound complicated but Danny will make it as easy as football! Members at Club Brent have had a flavor of SwitchSports and keep asking for more.

Have a look at their video using the link below to get a better idea


Last week we told you about our special guest Natasha Coates attending – she’s a 19 x Gold medalist British Gymnast!

We couldn’t invite her without including Gymnastics, so please visit Part 1 of our ‘Things you need to know about our #DSCSummerFestival’ to learn more!


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