#WeCouldBe – New Campaign & Video

From US scholarships to volunteering their way to employment, #WeCouldBe whatever we want… & we’re recognising achievements!

Disability Sports Coach – #WeCouldBe


The #WeCouldBe campaign aims to celebrate success and raise awareness of achievements in disability sport. From grassroots participation to community engagement, we’re showcasing how Disability Sports Coach ensures disabled people can fulfil their potential.

On top of the video launch of #WeCouldBe, we will be sharing amazing news stories for the reminder of 2017, that have risen from our 3 core programmes: Community Clubs, Coach Delivery, & Training Workshops.

Jack Rutter: “I didn’t want to be alive anymore”

Kicking off the campaign, Jack Rutter, newly joined DSC Patron & GB CP Football Captain, shares his journey to the top of Cerebral Palsy Football.

Jack Rutter recognises the importance of celebrating success across all levels, commenting: “I believe everyone should be congratulated for their efforts regardless of the level of competition. For me once a person has even had a try at a different sport or activity they are being successful and there are so many unsung hero’s out there supporting others.

It’s vitally important to support sport across all levels with training facilities, coaches and sports equipment, allowing the opportunity for everyone to get active and learn important life skills like respect, team work and self belief. Sharing these good news stories will inspire others around them.”

Read Jack’s inspirational #WeCouldBe story


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