World class performances come to Summer Festival 2017

5 things you need to know about our #DSCSummerFestival

#5. 2 different sports, 2 different performances – both are guaranteed to be show stoppers!

ParaCheer International

We are excited to announce that members from Team England ParaCheer (current world champions!) will be showcasing their world-class performance at our #DSCSummerFestival 2017!

You might be thinking, what is ParaCheer? Let’s start with Cheerleading. Now most people, when they think of cheerleading, will think of those in American teen sitcoms where the cheerleaders will be chanting and waving pompoms at sports competitions.

Cheer routines are formed by a combination of jumps, tumbling, stunting and dance to give one outstanding performance and Paracheer International creates integrated teams of those with physical and/or sensory disabilities and non-disabled athletes.

Great Britain have had huge success in the 2017:

  • Team England won GOLD in ParaCheer Unified Advanced
  • Team Wales won GOLD in ParaCheer Freestyle Pom
  • Team England won SILVER in Freestyle Pom

You can catch their performance on the mats at 12.30pm on Tennis Court 4.

CEO Rick Rodgers, can’t wait for the festival: “We’re really happy to have been asked to present ParaCheer at the DSC Summer Festival. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone thriving at our workshops and can’t wait to perform our Wheelchair Partner Stunt routine. Come to our stall and Cheer for Everyone!”

They will also be running 2 taster sessions too:

  1. Morning session from 10.45am – 11.30am
  2. Afternoon session from 1pm – 1.45pm

Due to limited spaces, you need to register your spot on the day. To register, visit their area on Tennis Court 4.

Step Change Studios

Now if dancing is more your thing, we have a treat for you! Step Change Studios brings some Strictly vibes to the Summer Festival.

Sam Goodyear and Katherine Marfleet got engaged last spring and have been dancing Latin and Ballroom together for just over a year. Katherine was inspired to keep dancing after she wowed audiences at a black tie gala ball in London the year before where she danced a jive for the first time.

The event came about through Step Change Studios’ Founder, Rashmi Becker who wanted to bring diversity into mainstream ballroom and encouraged the ball organiser to provide a platform for inclusive dance. Katherine and Sam both have Down’s Syndrome and learning disabilities but do not feel this has been a factor in their dance progress.

They take regular lessons with Jill Foster and in a short space of time have taken a number of dance exams. They recently passed their Rock n Roll and Salsa pre-bronze tests with donors! Sam and Katherine will be demonstrating a medley of their favourite exam routines at our #DSCSummerFestival.

They will be taking centre stage at 12.40pm inside the sports hall. Rashmi will be on hand to answer questions and provide advice for anyone interested in dancing.

Rashmi Becker, Step Change Studios Founder said: “Step Change Studios is committed to making Latin and Ballroom dance accessible to everyone and offer fun, engaging opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to dance, perform and compete.”

Step Change Studios run weekly open classes in London, deliver dance in education, care and community settings and tailored competitions.


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