Ellie’s Story

Ellie’s Story15th November 2019 “I just love scoring a goal!” We all know the feeling you get from scoring a goal, and surprise surprise, Ellie loves it too. This is her story. Ellie very rarely misses a Club Wandsworth session since joining early 2014. Despite her anxiety she loves attending the club and waits each […]

Grace’s Story

Grace, Club Wandsworth15th November 2019 “Attending Club Wandsworth is the highlight of Grace’s week. This is her #MyStory!” Grace’s physical and social improvement from attending Club Wandsworth means she can not only play sport alongside teammates, but can now play with her family in the local park. When Grace first started at Club Wandsworth, she […]

Claire & The Russell Family

Claire & The Russell Family15th November 2019 “Being active has always been second nature to me and my family. It’s been so important for all of our development.” Claire, a part-time hairdresser & full-time mum, does everything she can for her family to be active in their local community. “I’ve not time for myself anymore, […]


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